Welcome to Taco Trading, your one-stop shop for any firearm related service and produtcs. We pride ourselves in our R1 range of rigles which we have been selling for the past 32 years. Our experience in this specific R1 field made us the number one Trader in South Africa. Since our start back in 1989 we expanded our product line to virtually any firearm part or component.

The R1 rifle has a very special place in our history and from 1966 up until 1989 this weapon was widely used by normal soldiers as well as special operators.

Our services include Trading, Advanced Firearm Handling, SAPS required Competencies. We also specialize in Motivations and assist our clients in the Application Process from A to Z. We also offer Reloading classes Reloading Components and we have a Watsapp network across South Africa of 5000 members where you can either sell or find the Firearm or parts you need.

We also handle Estate Firearms and assist the family with sound and honest advice as well as paperwork and applications. We also handle Immigrasion Firearms.

Call us with your specific needs!